(Русский) Исследовательский модуль типа DK-VIDEO-4SGX230N

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The research module type DK-VIDEO-4SGX230N is expectated. The Audio Video Development Kit, Stratix® IV GX Edition, delivers a complete video and image processing development environment for design engineers. The kit facilitates the entire design process, from design conception through hardware implementation. This kit includes the Stratix IV EP4SGX230 Audio Video development board, Quartus® II development software, evaluation intellectual property (IP) cores—including the Video and Image Processing Suite—the serial digital interface (SDI) reference design, as well as power supplies, cables and documentation.

(Русский) Поступление модулей DE2

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Laboratory received on 9 DE2 modules for use in the educational process of the Department KEVA and in conducting training courses for specialists of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine. The board contains Altera Cyclone ® II 2C35 FPGA, which makes it the ideal tool for the study of digital logic, processor organization and the FPGA.

(Русский) Визит менеджера Altera по странам Восточной Европы Маргит Тишнер

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Teaching and research laboratory of digital technology (Digital Lab), based on which since 2004 has been successfully operating an official training center company Altera, visit the company’s manager for Eastern Europe, Mrs. Margaret Tishler. The presentation of opportunities and resources laboratory, the Center, a demonstration of the original laboratory work based on modules UP2, Nios Development Board (Cyclone Edd.), DE2, teaching materials (lectures, instructions for laboratory work, tutorials), diploma projects and master’s theses, using technology from Altera. Agreement on the delivery to the Lab and the Center for additional training facilities DE2 and one of the research modules for graduate students and undergraduates of the Department KEVA.
In the photo: (1) – (left to right) head. Department KEVA, head of Digital Lab, Dr. Lysenko A.N, manager of Eastern Europe Ms. M. Tishler, representatives of Biakom (Kiev), A. Maksimovich and I. Kovriga, Dipl .- engineer EBV Elektronik (Slovakia) Jozef Stiskal at the entrance to the main building of the university; ( 2) – during a meeting with First Vice-Rector NTUU “KPI” Acad. NASU Yakimenko Yu.I. (Center).

(Русский) Дополнительные средства обучения и отладки

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Laboratory Digital Technology (Digital Lab) were obtained from Texas Instruments additional learning tools and debugging tools, including the same for all DSP families and MSP430 microcontrollers CAD, as well as modules for handling audio, video, and implementation based on the MSP430 platform with 2.4 GHz radio modems CC2520 Wireless Technology ZigBee:
- Code Composer Studio v.4 (Academic edition on 100 seats);
- 5505 eZDSP – 2 pcs..;
- Experimenter Board MSP-EXP430FG4618 – 4 pcs.;
- Experimenter Board MSP-EXP430F5438 – 2 pcs.;
- Programmer MSP-FET430 UIF – 9 pcs.;
- CC2520 EMK – 4 pcs.;
- C5510 DSK – 4 pcs.;
- C6416 DSK – 1 pc.

Texas Instruments Manager Visits Digital Lab

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The lab of digital technologies (Digitallab) on the basis of which since 2001 the educational laboratory of Texas Instruments successfully works, was visited by the Manager of the University Program of this company Mr. Robert Owen. The presentation of opportunities and resources of lab, demonstration of original laboratory works on platforms С5510, С6437, MSP430FG46x, methodical materials (rates of lectures, instructions to laboratory works, manuals), degree projects and masters theses using DSP and MCU technologies of TI took place. In turn, Mr. R. Owen has stated substantive provisions of realization of the University Program of company TI. The agreement on delivery in lab of additional tools of debugging, including uniform for all processors of TI the IDE Code Composer Studio v.4 (Academic edition), for the sum $3700 is achieved.

On a photo: acting of first pro-rector NTUU « KPI » Prof. Timofeev V.I., University Program Manager of TI Mr. R. Owen and Head of Diditallab and Department DEDEC, Prof. Lysenko A.N.;

Presentation of lab Prof. Lysenko A.N.;

Presentation of the University Program of TI by Mr. R. Owen

Lessons For Masters

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During the autumn semester of the 2009/2100 school-year, the lectures and laboratory works on the following disciplines shall take place for the 6-year masters of DEDEC chair

  • Designing of “systems-on-chip”
  • Electronic computational facilities around digital signal processor
  • Technical vision systems.

Masters Defenced Thesis Works

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Four master thesis works have been successfully completed by the 6 th year masters at the laboratory of digital technologies of the digital equipment design chair in NTUU “KPI”. The topics of the works performed are as follows:

  • Fuzzy algorithms for controlling DC commutatorless motors (based on DSP platform, type C24X produced by Texas Instruments);
  • Realization of video signal processing algorithms with the use of a system-on-chip (implemented around the Cyclone II platform produced by Altera company and a module, type DE 2);
  • Realization of audiological procedures based DSP technologies (implemented around DSP TMS 320 VC 5510 produced by Texas Instruments and a module, type DSK C 5510);
  • A measuring system based on DSP-microcontroller, type TMS 320 F 2812 (implemented around a module, type DSK eZdsp F 2812 produced by Texas Instruments);The defence was accompanied by practical demonstration of acting pilot prototypes of the algorithmic and circuit decisions proposed. Additional information on the designs may be obtained in the laboratory (building 12, room 339).

    In more detail: http://keoa.kpi.ua/go/cPath/20835_20859/index.htm

New Training Courses From Altera

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The list of training courses offered by the official Training Center for technologies of PLIC design of the Altera company. The Center, acting on the base of the Laboratory, announces two new courses: “Designing with DSP Builder v .9.0” and “Designing with DSP Builder Advanced v .9.0”.

Presentation Of The Digital Lab

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Presentation of the training-and-research laboratory of digital technologies was conducted within the framework of the 7th all-Ukrainian student contest named “Programming of microprogrammed automata and microcontroller systems”. The presentation was arranged for leaders of participant teams of the Olympiad and demonstrated the potentialities and resources of the laboratory.

New Training Courses Of Digital Systems Designing

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Two new courses are prepared for training in the sphere of technology of designing of digital systems based on single-chip RISC microcontrollers, families AVR AT 90 (Atmel company) and MSP 430 (Texas Instruments):

  • Architecture and programming of RISC М C AVR AT 90 made by Atmel Company
  • Architecture and programming of RISC М C MSP 430 by Texas Instruments.