Design-Center At DEDEC

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From the beginning of year 2008, the design-center of the DEDEC chair of the faculty of electronics, based on the laboratory of digital technologies, starts its work. The main lines of the Center activity are given here.

Learning Materials To DSP-Processors In “CHIP News Ukraine” Magazine

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Beginning from February, 2008, within the framework of the joint project (in co-operation with the GRAND company), we are planning to publish, in the “Chip News Ukraine”, the learning materials on DSP-processors fabricated by Texas Instruments, in the form of two cycles of papers 10 lessons each, covering the following topics:

  • family C28x with DSP-processor TMS320F2812 — 1-2 quarter of 2008;
  • family C55x with DSP-processor TMS320VC5510 — 3-4 quarter of 2008.