Masters Defenced Thesis Works

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Four master thesis works have been successfully completed by the 6 th year masters at the laboratory of digital technologies of the digital equipment design chair in NTUU “KPI”. The topics of the works performed are as follows:

  • Fuzzy algorithms for controlling DC commutatorless motors (based on DSP platform, type C24X produced by Texas Instruments);
  • Realization of video signal processing algorithms with the use of a system-on-chip (implemented around the Cyclone II platform produced by Altera company and a module, type DE 2);
  • Realization of audiological procedures based DSP technologies (implemented around DSP TMS 320 VC 5510 produced by Texas Instruments and a module, type DSK C 5510);
  • A measuring system based on DSP-microcontroller, type TMS 320 F 2812 (implemented around a module, type DSK eZdsp F 2812 produced by Texas Instruments);The defence was accompanied by practical demonstration of acting pilot prototypes of the algorithmic and circuit decisions proposed. Additional information on the designs may be obtained in the laboratory (building 12, room 339).

    In more detail: