Meeting With Experts Of The Korean Company KOICA

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Within the framework of joint Korean-Ukrainian project aimed at creation (at NTUU “KPI”) of a modern Center for training in IT-technologies, a meeting of the laboratory employees with technical experts in SoC (System-on-Chip) technologies of the KOICA Korean company was held. The guests familiarized with contemporary SoC and DSP technologies (available at the laboratory) based on the products of well-known companies such as Altera and Texas Instruments (the U.S.A.).

For detailed information of the presentation, click here [2,3 Mb]

On the photo: Mr Ando Ki, leading expert, PhD, director of R&D Center of Dynalith Systems Co., Ltd., (in the left), and A. N. Lysenko, chief of the Laboratory of digital technologies, Doctor of Technical Science, Chief of the DEDEC chair at NTUU “KPI” (in the right).

Laboratory Practice On The Lessons

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We inform all potential attendants of the training courses that, beginning from December, 2008, execution of laboratory works during the lessons will be conducted interactively, with the use of a special interactive board produced by Promethean company (Great Britain).

Debug Module TMDSVDP 6437 Receiving

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The Laboratory received at last the debugging module, type TMDSVDP 6437, made by Texas Instruments company. This module makes it possible to deploy in the laboratory the work on practical realization of newly developed algorithms of digital processing of video signals and pattern recognition based on the DaVinci™ Digital Media Processors TMS320DM643x platform.

New Kit Of Estimation Modules Received

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The laboratory acquired a kit of estimation modules, type MSP-EXP430FG4618, with MSP-FET430UIF USB-programmer, produced by Texas Instruments, and initiated the work on their testing. The modules are fabricated based on two chips of widely-known 16-bit RISC microcontrollers, type MSP430FG4518 and MSP430F2013. In addition to wide spectrum of outer periphery, the controllers include a socket for connecting external radio-modems, families CC1100, CC1101, CC1150, CC2500, CC2550, & CC2420 (Texas Instruments), useful in various wireless, particularly, ZigBee-compatible applications.

Based on the above equipment, we are planning to install (by the end of this year) several working places used in the “Peripheral devices” discipline included in the curriculum of the 5th-year for students of DEDEC department at the faculty of electronics.

Mastering USB PC-Functional Generators

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The laboratory is involved in mastering of recently obtained 2-MHz USB PC-functional generators, type PCGU 1000, made by Velleman company (USA), with frequency range 0.01 Hz – 2 MHz.

Milling-And-Engraving Machine Sungraf XS-3 Received

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The laboratory of digital technologies acquired a desktop milling-and-engraving machine, type Sungraf XS-3 (Russia), which permits to resolve a whole number of design problems, particularly, prompt prototyping of printed-circuit boards.

Address Changed!

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We inform you about changing our address.

Now you can find us in room 339, building 12, faculty of electronics of NTUU “KPI”, 16 Politekhnicheskaya st.
As before, our telephone is 454-95-38.

Learning Materials On DSP-Processors C28x Series

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We inform all readers of the “CHIP News Ukraina” journal, and the designers, who are interested in applications of DSP technologies, series C28x, offered by Texas Instruments company, that the stock of learning materials on DSP-processors of this family will be published as a separate book including 10 lessons in December 2008.

Telephone for immediate communications: 454-95-38, Antonyuk Aleksandr Igorevitch.

ALTERA Module DE2 Received

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The official training Center of ALTERA company in Ukraine obtained the DE2 module, made by ALTERA company, whose main part is a Cyclone II programmable logic IC. The module is designed specially for systems dealing with processing of audio and video signals. The work on testing the module is in progress.

Public Letter To Editorial Stuff Of CHIP News Ukraine

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The laboratory members and lecturers of the department of design of electronic computational equipment at faculty of electronics in NTUU “KPI” issued “The open letter to editorial board of the CHIP News Ukraina” journal”. The letter, published in No.2, 2008, considers some issues of training of high-skilled specialists for electronic industry by the higher school of Ukraine.
We invite to our dialogue all those interested in the problem.